About Chris:

Dr Chris Campbell

Dr. Chris Campbell has been practicing, teaching and supervising in what has become his own unique style synthesized over the last 40 years, when he was first taught by a rare handful of Californian and European masters in their fields of Psychology, Psychotherapy, The Body, and Relationship…. the interconnectedness of them all. He has been in private practice with individuals and couples, has been supervising professionals in groups or individually, running experiential therapy and training groups over these 40 yrs. in California, Europe and the U.K. and Australia. In a loved and loving relationship, he is ever proud of his children, grandchildren and those intimate relationships which have and do teach him slowly, more about how to love and allow himself to be loved He has too many interests in life but remains passionate about ‘This’ work and eternally grateful to these masters who have so passionately shared their own beings and life’s works with him to pass on.

Dr. Chris Campbell is based in the Byron Bay area of Australia and is available for workshops and private therapy. He often also travels Australia, the US, Japan and elsewhere teaching and healing.