Christopher Campbell

Relationship Oriented Psychotherapist

Academic Qualifications 

Ph.D. (Psych.) International College 1980 Los Angeles, U.S.A.

B.A. (Psych.) International College 1978 Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Associate in Arts Degree Pierce College 1970 Los Angeles, U.S.A.

Additional Training and Qualifications 

Analytic Interviewing Bond University, QLD 2003

  • Three day training in personality profiling skills through the study of nonverbal behaviour.

Registered Marriage Celebrant Attorney General’s Office 1988 

  • Specialising in conducting weddings with reality based vows/pre-marital counselling.

Biodynamic Psychology Boyesen Institute for Biodynamic Psychology 1979-1980

  • Training and Supervision under Gerda Boyesen in Body Oriented Psychotherapy.

Therapy Training the Centre for the Healing Arts, Los Angeles 1974 – 1978

  • Trained in counselling/psychotherapy in Rogerian, Gestalt, Reichian, Voice Dialogue Therapies and Biofeedback.
  • Training involved provision of counselling to the seriously ill and dying, ongoing supervision, and participation in process groups from Trainers.

Employment History 

Psychotherapist, Private Practice 1978- Present 

Trainer, Group facilitator 

  • Private psychotherapy practice (individual and couples work)
  • Supervision of therapists/counsellors.
  • Group facilitator.
  • In 1983 I became an Australian Resident (I was sponsored by a group of Psychologists, M.D’s, and Naturopathy Practitioners. I was scrutinized regarding professional qualifications and references in order to enter) Entered (permanent Residence Visa) on professional (psychology) basis.

Trainer Northern Rivers Gestalt Institute 1996 – 2008

  • Provision of relationship oriented/dialogical, body oriented, and character analytic curriculum components of training for 3rd and 4th year Gestalt therapy students.

Guest Presenter Psychotherapy Asia Pacific 1996

  • Featured presenter at two day conference gave presentation ‘Dynamics of Characternology in Relationship’.

Director/Trainer Verosa College 1994-1998

  • Designed and delivered four year professional trainings in Relational, Body Oriented Psychotherapy.

E.A.P. Provider Corporate Vision 1992 – 1993 

  • Employee Assistance Program provider for Corporate Vision, a Sydney based consulting firm. Provided counselling to all staff, including management.
  • Organised conflict resolution processes where appropriate.

Co-Founder/Trainer Australian Association of Somatic Psychotherapy 1988-1989

  • Member of training staff providing four year Body Oriented Psychotherapy in Sydney and Melbourne.

Guest Presenter Satya Wacana University, Java, Indonesia 1988 

  • Employed to run two-day skills course for professors and teachers of the University counselling program.

Director/Trainer What’s In Store? Sydney 1985-1987

  • Continuation of the design and facilitation of professional training programs.

Trainer Self Transformations, Sydney/Melbourne 1984

  • Group Facilitator of staff development workshops.

Facilitator/Trainer the Center for Experiential Learning 1984-1985

  • Designed and facilitated a two year professional training program.

Trainer/Facilitator Private Practice & Group Training 1983-1998

  • During the years that I worked for other organisations I continued to privately conduct group training. Over this period I designed and facilitated hundreds of groups, mainly weekend workshops, five day groups and ongoing half day, weekly groups. Areas covered in this training included; Relational Psychotherapy, Body Oriented Psychotherapy, Bioenergetics, Character Typology, Transference and Counter Transference.

Trainer Relationship Development Centre (now Jansen-Newmann Institute) 1983

  • Facilitated a one year training course in Body Orientated psychotherapy.
  • Designed and delivered a two year professional introductory relationship counselling training course.

Trainer International Foundation of Biodynamic Psychology 1981 – 1982

  • Delivered various group training, weekend workshops and five day trainings for the International Foundation for Biodynamic Psychology throughout Europe, and the United Kingdom as part of the foundation’s three year training program.

Sponsored U.S. training for International Foundation for Biodynamic Psychology 1979- 1980

  • Participated in all courses run by extremely qualified trainers.

Director Westwood Yoga Centre, Los Angles 1979 -1981

  • Private psychotherapy practice with ten other practitioners.

Psychotherapist Private Practice, Los Angles 1978 – 1981

  • Specialised in long term counselling/therapy of terminal cancer patients.

Trainer Center for the Healing Arts 1978-1979

  • Co-Trainer in Body Oriented Psychotherapy Course for Professionals.

Papers Presented 

1996 Presented paper (speaker) on Characterology at International conference, “Psychotherapy Asia Pacific Mental Health, Culture and Development, East and West” Bali Indonesia.