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The Core Dynamics of Relationship-Character Typology

Our bodies, like the shapes of trees and the visible cross sections there in reveal histories; the annual impact of the environment upon the life of the tree. We have also taken physical forms which reflect both contraction in fear and expansion during safe times, formed both by genetic predispositions and by how we have been related to at key stages in our early development. We accordingly hold our being together, hold on, hold up, hold in, hold on. Exercise all you wish in whatever ways possible but/and, the core of how we have had to self protect remains unconsciously intact. Physical strength, flexibility, stamina, relaxation do not necessarily relate to an increased capacity to more available in relationships. The show is run more deeply when it comes to letting go, honestly expressing and thus revealing.

Gradually our core difficulties, appreciating the other and allowing them in. This spectrum of defending and allowing just a bit in ranges from acquaintances, friendships, right through to love. Our bodies are the shield which act automatically, unconsciously and spontaneously to protect and serve as we psychologically manouvre behind the wonder wall form we have taken in adaptation. We have our own deep rhythms of contact and withdrawal. For the most part a deeper awareness of own unavailability remains a secret from ourselves and the other as we remain in isolation, acting out from our embodied historical remnants the only stories we know, those which have shaped our lives. Our individual, unique but predictable shapes and forms which have protected us are working overtime without us even knowing it. We try to reach out on one hand and avoid on the other. Our vitality as spontaneous and vibratory beings is bound in the real conflicts which shaped us in relation to LOVE.

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